Digital Technology for Education (DT4E) – Parents’ Perceptions On Their Role As Online Learning Partner (Infographics)

SEAMEO INNOTECH gathered the perceptions and experiences of selected parents and caregivers in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam about children’s increased used of and access to digital technology and online content.


The study tried to determine the parents’ level of familiarity and skills in using mobile devices, their appreciation of their role in supporting their kids’ online learning and development, their perceptions and awareness of digital opportunities and threats based on their children’s online learning experiences, and how they can further support their kids’ learning.

Other Resources
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  • INNOTECH eNewsletter – March 2013
  • MT4T: LinkedIn for Teachers (Android) Second Edition
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Digital Technology for Education (DT4E) - Parents' Perceptions On Their Role As Online Learning Partner (Infographics)

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