To be able to fully process the lessons and experiences gained by the District Supervisors Leadership (DSL) Program, the participants from the Philippines’ Region III and National Capital Region (NCR) gathered on January 11 for an integration session. As a culminating activity for the program, the session was conducted to discuss and share the participants’ experiences in implementing their respective District Education Plans (DEPs).

The DSL Program, which commenced on May 24, 2010, consisted of three phases. The first phase was a two-week face-to-face training, followed by a two-week online learning exchange and mentoring and a one-week online progress monitoring. The DEPs were produced by the participants during the first phase of the program and were implemented during the second and third phases. Before the integration session, the 47 participants were asked to review their submitted course materials. Afterwards, they individually prepared posters reflecting what they are most proud of among their DEP achievements and the lessons they had learned from the DSL program and their own DEP implementation. The posters, displayed for gallery viewing before the integration session, served as a starting point for discussion among the participants, divided into heterogeneous small groups. The participants shared their experiences and the lessons they have learned regarding the planning and implementation of their respective DEPs. Many were able to gain deeper insights and different perspectives from the lessons they have learned through sharing. They were also able to discuss and agree on concrete actions and mechanisms that would help sustain their gains and continue implementing their DEPs. Other classes from various regions in the country are also scheduled to under go the same session during the following weeks. The schedule is as follows: · Regions IV-B and V, January 13, SEAMEO INNOTECH · Regions VI and VIII, January 18, RELC Iloilo · Regions VII and IX, January 20, ECOTECH, Cebu · Regions X and CARAGA, January 21, RELC CDO · Regions XI and XII, January 25, RELC Davao · Regions IV-A and CAR, January 27, SEAMEO INNOTECH · Regions I and II, February 1, SEAMEO INNOTECH

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