A Guide to Education in Emergencies Vol.1: About EiE

Education in Emergencies (EiE) allows children and youth to continue receiving quality education during emergency situations and recovery periods. EiE follows a comprehensive set of education standards and is anchored on basic human rights. EiE planning and implementation involve learners, teachers, school heads, education authorities, parents, and the rest of the community.



What is Education in Emergencies?


The Universal Declaration on Human Rights in 1948 recognized education as a human right that cannot be suspended in times of crises. Since then, discussions have been conducted about the importance of education.


However, it was not until 2003 that the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) coined the term “education in emergencies.” Education in emergencies refers to the learning opportunities made available to individuals living in a crisis.


The concept of EiE emphasizes education’s role in protecting children in times of conflict and the need for standards to facilitate quality education in such situations.



The Effect of Emergencies on Education


An emergency is an unexpected, urgent, and dangerous situation that requires immediate action. The Philippine government considers natural disasters, civil unrest, armed conflict, and health crises like pandemics or epidemics as emergency situations.


In times of emergencies, educational infrastructures may be destroyed or inaccessible. Governments may cut educational funding and redirect resources to life-saving necessities, sacrificing the quality and accessibility of education for affected communities.


The effect of emergencies on education is drastic as it is often deprioritized, leaving children without stability and psychosocial support, and thus even more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.



The Importance of Education in Emergencies


Education is a fundamental right because of its role in empowering individuals and communities. It enables people to develop knowledge and skills that can help them create a better future.


The importance of education is heightened further in emergencies. Education not only provides a safe space but more importantly equips the younger generations to survive crises, mitigate its effects, and uplift themselves and their communities.


Education in the Philippines has been key to recovery from both natural and man-made crises. It has enabled individuals reintegrate into society with practical knowledge and skills as well as an understanding of their and others’ rights.



SEAMEO INNOTECH’s Guide to Education in Emergencies


SEAMEO INNOTECH is aware of the various challenges to the delivery of quality education, which can be exacerbated by emergency situations. Our work involves identifying alternative education programs that can be adapted to different challenges and situations.


Given the adverse impact of crises in education and the latter’s empowering potential for vulnerable groups, SEAMEO INNOTECH recognizes the importance of designing an EiE response.


The EiE series offers a guide on the framework and importance of providing quality education in emergency situations. The series introduces educators, authorities, parents, learners, and other stakeholders to the core humanitarian principles and standards for implementing EiE.



Providing Education in Emergency Situations with SEAMEO INNOTECH


Education is a fundamental human right of children and it is the responsibility of governments and educational institutions to uphold this right especially in times of emergency. SEAMEO INNOTECH’s EiE guides offer support for stakeholders so they can maintain quality, accessible, and equitable education in emergencies.


Know more about EiE and its application through this series of infographics.

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A Guide to Education in Emergencies Vol.1: About EiE

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