SEAMEO INNOTECH Research Partnership Grant (SI RPG)

The SEAMEO INNOTECH Research Partnership Grant (SI RPG) is a mechanism that encourages collaborative research projects among suitably qualified research organizations/institutions. It seeks to enhance the richness, diversity, and depth of SEAMEO INNOTECH research portfolio. It also aims to expand and strengthen institutional partnership by funding research projects and providing opportunities to support the Center’s identified thematic/priority research areas.


The SI RPG specifically aims to:

  1. Enhance the Center and prospective partners’ capacity in educational research within and beyond Southeast Asia;
  2. Generate and support research initiatives/interests relevant to SEAMEO INNOTECH’s priority research agenda;
  3. Foster collaboration, stronger networks, and active partnerships among education policy researchers in the Southeast Asian (SEA) region;
  4. Promote multi-disciplinary and collaborative research among education researchers in the SEA region;
  5. Increase the number of research outputs, reach, and impact of SEAMEO INNOTECH’s and partner organizations/institutions; and
  6. Enable and facilitate knowledge sharing across SEAMEO Centers and the region


As a Partnership Grant mechanism, the SI RPG is envisioned to operate on trust between and among partners. This calls for mutually beneficial relationships for all partners which include but are not limited to sharing of: knowledge and information on the research focus; capacities, skills, values and experiences in the research process; and resources (in cash or kind) in the implementation and completion of the research project.

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