SPECTRUM: Stories of SEAMEO INNOTECH’s 50 Vibrant Years

If numbers have colors, what color is 50?


A number that means half a life has been lived, a number that gives yesterdays to relish and tomorrows to prepare for. It does not deserve just one color, but a spectrum. A flourishing green for the abundant lessons and achievements. A vibrant red for the passion it continues to emanate. A bright yellow for the bright ideas that keep coming in. A royal blue for the wisdom that cuts across barriers. A fine magenta, an extra-spectral color, signifying balance amidst complexities.


There is a burst of rays in a half-life as it gears up to its next journey to a hundred suns. It dances from a rainbow of colors that splinters into waves of light, emitting different shades and tones. This is how SEAMEO INNOTECH celebrates 50. Like a spectrum, it is an entire range of wavelengths continuously moving, producing a range of colors — in SEAMEO INNOTECH’s case, producing ideas.


While it continues to make its mark as a highly revered institution in Southeast Asian education, the Center remains driven to engage in new approaches and groundbreaking solutions to a better future for every learner in Southeast Asia.


Behind the success of SEAMEO INNOTECH are the tales and narratives of the people who helped the Center grow into what it is today, and whose lives flourished in return because of their engagement and work with the organization. In their stories, they experienced a spectrum of energy, life, and peace as they happily embarked on their nostalgic walks along the memory hall. They felt fortunate to recall and share their struggles and victories and how they emerged triumphant, achieving to be who they are today. Their stories are poignant, bittersweet, and joyful accounts and recollections so rich in colors, deserving to be told. This book chronicles their stories.

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SPECTRUM: Stories of SEAMEO INNOTECH's 50 Vibrant Years

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