State of Tech Voc High Schools in the Philippines

Secondary education is at the crossroad of education systems. It is tasked to prepare unprecedented numbers of young people for further learning and sustainable means of livelihood. In the Philippines, far too many young high school students leave high school before earning their diploma. The high school graduation rate is only 58.52% and those who earn their high school diplomas do not possess the necessary knowledge and skills for success in post-secondary education and in the workplace. This underscores the need to strengthen the technical-vocational high schools in order to bring students into employment and the mainstream of social and economic activities.


In these circumstances, SEAMEO INNOTECH conducted a survey to profile Technical and Vocational High Schools and identify their enabling and hindering conditions. This report outlines the conditions and recommended key reform agenda to improve learning achievements and investments in the technical-vocational secondary education in the country.

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State of Tech Voc High Schools in the Philippines

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