INNOTECH eNewsletter – July 2013

What’s Inside:

  • Weaving Identities photo contest announced
  • INNOTECH releases guidebook on IMPACT learning system
  • DepEd BEE officers take course on IMPACT learning system
  • INNOTECH organizes talk on the changing ecology of learning
  • Workshop on the early grade reading assessment results
  • Health and nutrition in SEA primary schools
  • Validation of the revised Competency Framework for SEA school heads
  • INNOTECH reports outcome of regional CSR Workshop at 2013 CDM
  • Workshop on health and nutrition in SEA primary schools
  • Teacher professional development study program for Pakistani educators
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  • K to 12 Education Southeast Asia: Regional Comparison of the Structure, Content, Organization, and Adequacy of Basic Education
  • School Case Studies on Promoting Digital Citizenship Competencies Among Selected Southeast Asian Ministries of Education (MOE)
  • Annual Report F.Y. 2017-2018 Infographic
  • Regional Research on Teacher Preparation in Response to Increasing ASEAN Integration Research Brief
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INNOTECH eNewsletter - July 2013

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