Teaching Competency Standards in Southeast Asia

This report focuses on the status of development, implementation, and monitoring of teaching competency standards in Southeast Asian countries. The development of teaching standards has been a growing feature of the global education agenda since the inception of the Dakar Framework during the World Education Forum held in Dakar, Senegal, on 26-28 April 2000 to provide quality education that will give learners the opportunities for effective participation in the societies and economies of the twenty-first century.


Southeast Asian countries have actively participated in the global agenda in pursuit of international development goals. But in the last few years, concern for harmonization of standards appears to have grown significantly, with the potential to facilitate regional educational development goals and systems improvement in the region.


In this regard, eleven member countries of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) were invited to take stock of their teaching competency standards, policies, capacity building programs, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation activities. The study explores commonalities in teaching competency standards across the region that will support active and vigorous regional complementation on capacity building, teacher exchange, and lifelong learning.


The report emphasizes the present trends among SEAMEO member countries in terms of the development of national teaching competency standards. This research study also entailed an assessment of the process for developing teaching standards and how their full implementation can be achieved.

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Teaching Competency Standards in SEA

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