Basic Learning Needs

In response to the critical task of the Philippine EFA Committee to identify non-school providers of basic and functional literacy programs and to create a national profile of these providers, the Department of Education tasked SEAMEO INNOTECH to spearhead the conduct of the National Survey on Basic Learning Needs. It started with the inventory of non-school providers in 2008 and full implementation of the survey was implemented in FY 2009. Findings from this 2009 Survey have provided a map with which to help navigate the domain of basic learning needs, its learners, programs and resources.

Other Resources
  • MCDP Toolkit: Goal Setting and Grounding (video)
  • Learning Packet: Trolling (Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Alternative Education in Emergencies – Module 5A (Teaching and Learning Components of Education in Emergencies)
  • Policy Notes: Regional Research on Achieving Inclusive Early Childhood Care and Development in Southeast Asia
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Basic Learning Needs

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