Weaving Identities 2013 Photo Contest Winners

SEAMEO INNOTECH organized the Weaving Identities photo contest on “Building a Shared Southeast Asian Identity” in 2013. The photo contest sought photos that best depicted the ideals underlying the three pillars of ASEAN Vision 2015—socio-cultural community, economic community, and political-security community.


The photo contest was launched to expand the Weaving Identities project of SEAMEO INNOTECH by enjoining photographers from within and outside Southeast Asia to contribute in building up the teaching and learning resources found in the project website, and, at the same time, promote awareness of a shared Southeast Asian identity.


The Weaving Identities: A Teacher Toolkit towards a Southeast Asian Community is a compendium of learning resources from various institutions aimed at helping develop in learners and teachers the core value of Southeast Asian-ness (shared Southeast Asian heritage) as well as respect for the diversity of the region. This initiative also supports the ASEAN Vision 2015 of an integrated ASEAN community that has durable peace, stability, and shared prosperity.


For more resource materials, visit the Weaving Identities website.

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