Fit for School Knowledge Map: Regional

The Fit for School Knowledge Map is a compilation of selected knowledge products on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools (WinS) to support capacity building on effective and sustainable design, implementation, and management of WinS in four country programs, namely Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Lao PDR. It is grouped into 7 categories: FIT Approach, WinS Monitoring, Manuals, WASH Facilities, Research, Learning Exchange, and Thematic Application.


This publication is originally published on the Fit for School website.

Other Resources
  • Global Competencies of Southeast Asian Students: Exploring the PISA 2018 and SEA-PLM 2019 Global Competence Surveys Using Data Mining Approaches – Research Brief
  • Delivery Systems for the Rural Poor with Focus on Science and Technology Education
  • Quest for Educational Quality
  • GURO21 Brochure
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Fit for School Knowledge Map: Regional

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