Pedagogical Approaches in Education: Theories, Practices, and Applications in the Classrooms

Over the past two years, we saw numerous changes in how we teach and how our students learn. Our classrooms have definitely evolved—we have been meeting our students virtually, or making learning happen through modules and other resources. Even our curriculum was modified to focus on the most essential competencies. We had to adapt our teaching practices as well. Different forms of assessment also emerged to align with this new way of teaching and learning. We also gained new partners in facilitating learning at home.


With so many changes taking place, we anticipate a new kind of transition. Teachers and students have to adjust once again to a different set-up. While the expansion of face-to-face classes may appear like getting back to normal (as in the pre-pandemic time), the reality is that things will not be the same as before. The experience during the pandemic has opened new doors and windows, along with different pathways to delivering instruction and managing our classes.


This publication compiles the online presentations delivered during the webinar on “The Making of Teacher-Experts in the New Normal: Deepening the Understanding of Pedagogical Approaches.”


You can access the webinar materials here: https://bit.ly/WWPA-kit.

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Pedagogical Approaches in Education: Theories, Practices, and Applications in the Classrooms

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