Regional Research on Teacher Preparation in Response to Increasing ASEAN Integration Research Brief

This study aims to achieve two main objectives. The first objective specifically aims to identify the different policies, laws, programs, and initiatives of participating ASEAN Member States which promote components of teacher preparation as they respond to increasing ASEAN integration. This includes the following areas: a) promotion of multi-level exchanges and international cooperation in academic, research, and community development during pre-service and in-service training, including teacher mobility and credit portability; and b) development of 21st Century Skills during their pre-service and in-service training. These 21st century skills include communication skills (English language and other ASEAN languages) and English language instruction; critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making; creativity and innovation; cross-cultural collaboration; and global awareness and ASEAN awareness and advocacy. The second objective states the formulation of recommendations on how the ASEAN Ministries of Education (MOEs) and Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) could better prepare teachers for increasing ASEAN Integration.


The nature and context of teacher preparation in the seven MOEs of ASEAN Member States (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand) are presented to describe their teacher preparation initiatives as a strategic and intentional response towards national development and simultaneously to the increasing ASEAN integration.

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Regional Research on Teacher Preparation in Response to Increasing ASEAN Integration Research Brief

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