LEADeXCELS Module 2: Manage Continuing Learning

In LEADeXCELS Module 1, you learned about your role as a school head in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM). You learned how to assess your school’s vulnerability to disaster and even developed a school DRRM Plan involving school stakeholders. You were also trained to lead the integration of DRRM in the school curriculum, and to develop your students to become DRRM champions. In this module, which is the second of the two-part LEADeXCELS course, you will learn to use the concepts that you learned from Module 1 to make sure that student learning continues even when disasters strike.

Other Resources
  • MCDP Toolkit: Goal Setting and Grounding (video)
  • Mobile Technology for Teachers (MT4T)
  • INNOTECH eNewsletter – August 2014
  • Quarterly Newsletter – January-March 2019
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LEADeXCELS Module 2: Manage Continuing Learning

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