PEACeXCELS Module 1: Cultivate Peace in Oneself

As a school head, you can play an important part in bringing peace to the world through your school. The school is an effective place to introduce the concept of working together to build a future of peace because peace concepts can be integrated into many dimensions of the teaching-learning process. Building peace and respect for cultural diversity also helps fulfill one of the four pillars of education – Learning to Live Together – identified by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO. As a leader, you are in a unique position to provide guidance and to be an example to both your teachers and your students, and help them learn how to live together.


SEAMEO INNOTECH has developed the flexible learning course PEACeXCELS – Peace Education Excellence in School Leadership for
Southeast Asia. This course is composed of two self-instructional modules: Module 1, Cultivate Peace in Oneself and Champion the Cause of Peace in Schools, and Module 2, Promote Peace and Respect for Cultural Diversity in Schools and Communities. This first module aims to enable school heads like you to develop a sense of peace and respect for cultural diversity within yourself, and to equip you with competencies for championing peace in your school and community.

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PEACeXCELS Module 1: Cultivate Peace in Oneself

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