INNOTECH conducts e-Citizenship validation activities in Philippines and Malaysia

As an addition to Mobile Technology for Teachers (MT4T), SEAMEO INNOTECH has developed resources on cyber wellness and digital citizenship for Southeast Asian teachers. A series of validation activities for the new resource pack was held in Philippines and Malaysia in the month of November 2017.

The additional digital resources on Cyber Wellness and Digital Citizenship were developed to help teachers be more knowledgeable on the concept. This may also help them introduce, explore, and promote cyber wellness and digital citizenship in the classroom. The resources consist of an introductory e-Book and learning packets that teachers may use for their classes.

The e-Book contains a brief background on the rapidly changing cyberscape of the region and the world, particularly in relation to how young people use internet and mobile devices. It explores on the common risks and opportunities of using mobile devices, as well as on strategies to minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities. Links to existing curricula and other resources are also included in the e-Book. A list of supporting organizations, policies, and programs related to internet security and safety, child protection, and cyberbullying can also be seen in the e-Book.

The learning packets, on the other hand, are activity-based lesson plans that teachers can integrate in any relevant subjects. It contains a Teacher’s Guide and a Powerpoint Presentation which will help teachers in conducting the class activities and processing the lessons learned from it. The learning packets covers topics such as plagiarism and misinformation, cyberbullying, trolling and cyberstalking, exposure to inappropriate content, entrepreneurship, use for creativity, and more.

These resources, e-Book and learning packets contents, were presented to selected teachers and education officials during the validation activities in the Philippines and Malaysia. Aside from a walkthrough of how the resource may be used, feedback and reviews on the resources’ contents and functionalities were also collected from the participants. The gathered feedback would be used to improve the resources before its public launch this year.

The e-Citizenship resources, which aims to promote a more responsible and safe use of information and communications technology (ICT), will be available on the Mobile Technology for Teachers (MT4T) web portal. The e-Book may also be accessed through SEAMEO INNOTECH’s e-Reader application, downloadable from the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android), and Microsoft Windows Store.

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