Local university seeks to raise education services to international standards

The Cebu Normal University in Cebu, Philippines is aiming to raise the standards of its higher education services, particularly its teacher education and research management system. In line with this, SEAMEO INNOTECH designed an off-shore capacity building and benchmarking program for two batches of the University’s officials.

The first batch’s benchmarking activities focused solely in Australia (from 30 January to 05 February 2014) while the second batch added Singapore in its itinerary (from 20 to 26 February 2014).

The program’s agenda include visits to universities and research institutions. The visits are expected to generate valuable inputs for CNU when it formulates its own policies and programs for the internationalization of its teaching, research, and extension services.

SEAMEO INNOTECH structured the sessions in a way that will maximize learning from each institution to be visited. Guide questions to be raised during learning exchanges have been prepared to gain as much information relevant to core management areas. The sessions are expected to provide an overview of (1) internationalization, open learning, transnational curriculum, and distance education; and (2) quality research management in higher education, as well as management of small and large scale research programs.

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