Evaluation of the Open High School Program in the Philippines

In early 2013, SEAMEO INNOTECH undertook an evaluation study to determine the current state of Open High School Program (OHSP) implementation in selected Open High Schools in the Philippines. The research study was funded through SEAMEO INNOTECH’s Research and Innovation Fund as part of the Center’s complimentary set of program interventions to support the Department of Education (DepEd)’s need for sustained technical support in operationalizing the new K to 12 Basic Education System.


The evaluation study was designed in close coordination with the DepEd Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE) and the Open High School Coordination team. Specifically, the study was undertaken to accomplish four objectives: first, to examine the viability of the OHSP as an alternative delivery mode (ADM) for secondary education; second, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the OHSP as an ADM strategy; third, to appraise the comparability of open high school (OHS) and regular high school students; and finally, to pinpoint aspects of the OSHP that need to be developed to ensure that it is in harmony with the new K to 12 curricular reforms.

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Evaluation of the Open High School Program in the Philippines

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